Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Application fields: suitable for crushing and screening operations of various sand and gravel aggregates, mine crushing, building stone crushing operations, etc. Applicable materials: medium and fine crushing of hard rocks such as iron ore, gold ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, quartzite, basalt, etc. Feeding size: ≤560mm capacity: 27-1600t/h

Products Details

Product Introduction:

Mechanical, hydraulic and intelligent control are integrated, Mecru single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts new design concepts and technology. The crusher has a hydraulic lifting cone, which can directly complete the discharge opening adjustment, iron pass protection, clear cavity protection, overload protection and other functions during production. Compared with the same type of machine, its crushing ratio is larger, the efficiency is higher, and the finished material produced is uniform in particle size. It is widely used in various sand and gravel crushing and industrial fields.

Product Advantages:

1. Mechanical, hydraulic and intelligent control are integrated, the operation is simple and convenient, and the discharge port is adjusted by one button. 2. One machine can change different crushing cavity types. The machine is equipped with multiple medium crushing and fine crushing cavities. Only a few parts such as the corresponding cavity type lining board need to be replaced to convert the machine cavity type. 3. It has a fully automatic production control system, which is convenient and quick to operate and easy for employees to operate. 4. The finished material produced has uniform particle size, and the finished sand and gravel aggregate has excellent quality and good particle shape. 5. The structure of the equipment is relatively simple, which is more convenient for later maintenance and inspection, and greatly reduces the maintenance time. uytr (2) uytr (1)

Working Principle:

The horizontal shaft is driven by the motor to rotate, and the horizontal shaft is driven by the gear to rotate the eccentric shaft, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to make a circular swing, so as to realize continuous crushing and crushing of materials. By adjusting the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the movable cone, the movable cone can move up and down so as to conveniently adjust the size of the discharge port.

Product Parameters:

Technical parameters of single-cylinder cone crusher
model Cavity type (mm)Max inlet size (mm)Min outlet size (kw)Max power
CSG420 S1(extra coarse) 240 22 90
S2(medium coarse) 200 19
CHG420 H1(fine) 135 10
H2(medium fine ) 65 8
H3(extra fine) 38 4
CSG430 S1(extra coarse) 360 25 160
S2(medium coarse) 300 22
S3(coarse) 235 19
CHG430 H1(fine) 185 13
H2(medium fine ) 90 10
H3(extra fine) 50 6
CSG440 S1(extra coarse) 450 35 250
S2(medium coarse) 400 29
S3(coarse) 300 25
CHG440 H1(fine) 215 16
H2(medium fine ) 110 13
H3(extra fine) 70 8
CSG660 S1(extra coarse) 560 41 315
S2(medium coarse) 500 38
CHG660 H1(fine) 275 16
H2(medium fine ) 135 16
H3(extra fine) 65 13
CHG870 H1(fine) 300 22 520
H2(medium fine ) 155 19
H3(extra fine) 80 10
CHG890 H1(fine) 370 25 750
H2(medium fine ) 195 22
H3(extra fine) 85 10

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