Grizzly Mesh Vibrating feeder machine

Application: widely used in sand and stone crushing, coal mine, beneficiation processing, chemical industry, abrasive and other industries of feeding operations Applicable materials: pebble, granite, basalt, quartzite stone, iron ore, limestone Feed size: 300-900mm Processing capacity: 50-1000T /h

Products Details

Product Introduction:

Vibrating feeder is also known as vibrating feeder. With this vibrating feeder ,Block and granular materials can be evenly, regularly and continuously given to the material receiving device from the storage bin in the process of production, In the sand and stone production line ,the vibrating feeder can provide continuous and uniform feeding for crushing machinery, and coarse screening for the material. It is widely used in sand and gravel crushing, coal mining, beneficiation processing, chemical, abrasive and other industries of feeding operation, and their combined crushing and screening equipment.

Product Advantages:

1, small size, light weight, simple structure. 2, high efficiency, large feeding capacity. 3, uniform feeding, good continuous performance. 4, special grid design, can prevent material clogging. 5, the use of closed structure design, can prevent dust pollution,reach environmental protection feeding standards.

Working Principle:

The vibrating feeder is composed of a feeding trough, a vibration exciter, a spring support, and a transmission device. The vibration source of the trough vibrating feed is a vibration exciter, which is composed of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and a gear pair. The motor drives the active shaft through the V-belt, and the gear on the active shaft meshes with the passive shaft. When rotating, the active and passive shafts rotate in opposite directions at the same time and then make the tank vibrate and the material flow continuously,to achieve the purpose of conveying materials

Product Parameters:

model Max feeder size capacity Motor model Motor power weight Hopper size
ZSW-300x85 450 55-80 Y-160L-6 11 3.8 3000x850
ZSW-380x96 500 90-150 Y-160L-6 11 4.6 3800x960
ZSW-420x110 600 120-320 Y-180L-6 15 5.3 4200x1100
ZSW-490x110 600 150-350 Y-180L-6 15 5.8 4900x1100
ZSW-490x130 750 250-450 Y-200L-6 22 6.5 4900x1300
ZSW-600x130 750 300-560 Y-200L-6 22 7.8 6000x1300
ZSW-600x150 900 500-800 Y-225M-6 30 10.5 6000x1500

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