Linear dewatering vibrating screen machine

Application scope: dry tailings, water washing sand, slime dewatering, fine sand recovery machine, soil remediation, mud treatment, sewage treatment, etc. Materials: iron tailings, gold tailings, quartz sand, foundry sand, building materials sand, potassium feldspar dehydration, urban sewage, industrial sewage, river sludge, mud treatment, construction mud, drilling mud treatment Feeding size≤5MM Processing capacity: 30-600t/h

Products Details

Product Introduction:

The vibrating dewatering screen is used for coal preparation, ore beneficiation, power generation, sugar making, salt making and other industrial sectors to perform dry and wet screening, dehydration, de-intermediation, and desliming of medium and fine-grained materials. It can be used for the dehydration and de-intermediation of medium and fine-grained coal, as well as the dry and wet desilting of medium and fine-grained materials.

Product Advantages:

1. It adopts water-proof and frequency-adapted special motor, dual-motor drive self-synchronization technology to achieve rapid dehydration effect. 2. The high wear-resistant screen has a long service life, modular assembly design, convenient replacement, and cost saving. The screen hole size can be selected according to requirements. 3. The professionally designed frequency, amplitude, and low-consumption power source are suitable for various dehydration needs. 4. Excellent product quality, long service life and few failures.

Working Principle:

Dewatering screen, also known as high-frequency dewatering screen, changes the water tension on the surface of the slurry through the exciting force. The slurry passes through the screen and becomes underscreen, while the fine materials are blocked by the screen to form a filter layer and move forward under the influence of the vibration force. The dewatering screen is mainly used in the dewatering of tailings in the beneficiation industry, dewatering of washed quartz sand and ceramic slurry, as well as in the electric power, sugar, salt and other industrial sectors for dry and wet classification, dewatering, de-intermediation and de-sliming of medium and fine-grained materials.

Product Parameters:

Detailed parameters of dehydration
Model Pump Specification of hydrocyclone (mm) Dewatering screen Production capacity(m³/h) Weight(t)
Power (kw) Size (inch) Model Dewatering screen area(㎡) Power (kw)
YH-06-225 11Kw 2.5" 300 06 × 2.25 1.35 2x0.75 30-80 3.9
YH-08-225 11Kw 3" 300 08 × 2.25 1.8 2x0.75 40-100 4.2
YH-10-225 15Kw 3" 350 10 × 2.25 1.25 2x0.75 70-130 4.9
YH-12-300 18.5Kw 4" 550 12 × 3.00 3.6 2x1.5 100-220 7.5
YH-12-300 22Kw 5" 650 12 × 3.00 3.6 2x1.5 120-272 7.8
YH-14-300 37Kw 6" 750 14 × 3.00 4.2 2x2.2 180-350 9.6
YH-14-375 45Kw 6" 750 14 × 3.75 5.25 2x2.2 230-430 11.8
YH-16-375 55Kw 8” 900 16 × 3.75 5.25 2x3 250-500 14.3
YH-18-375 55Kw 10” 2x650 18 × 3.75 6.00 2x5.5 300-500 16.7
YH-18-2375 75Kw 10” 2x750 18 × 3.75 6.75 2x5.5 400-600 19.7
gd (2) gd (1)

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